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"I love your pacing and the dialogue is so believable!  This is such a fun read." -Liz C.

"I just finished it and I LOVED it!  The book made me smile, laugh and cry! You have amazing talent." -Anna R.

"At the scene where Jess meets Miles... I adoreeeee her!!! Some really engaging friend characters.  You make the reader love them. :)" -Anne M. 

"It's a really beautiful story... I really enjoyed reading it.  It was an overall happy book, I just get emotionally attached to characters when I read a good book and Sara's pain was very real."  -Megan F. 

"I could read your stuff all day!" -Kara S.

"I absolutely loved this book!  It had everything I wanted!  It kept me on my toes in the best way- a perfect book to cuddle up with on a  rainy day or read by the pool- lighthearted enough for a comfort read, but meaningful, too." -Heidi N.

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